Founded in 1947, SMCCA is one of California's oldest civic associations.

"Santa Monica Canyon.....this small patch of land is precious to its residents, intriguing to outsiders.....some observers call the experience of living in the Canyon 'magical'....."

SANTA MONICA CANYON by Betty Lou Young and Randy Young

         Hello Canyonites!

SMCCA is a neighborhood association representing the general Santa Monica Canyon area incorporating more than 1,000 households and several businesses.  We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit entity and an all-volunteer organization committed to organize on behalf of Canyon residents, or "Canyonites" as we're fondly referred to.                                            

The Association is governed by a volunteer board of directors.  Membership dues support our purpose of organizing on behalf of the Canyon residents, and fund programs that help to improve the lives of residents. We also represent and advocate the interests of Canyon residents and relevant civic organizations and governments on issues that impact the Canyon and its residents.  

Shaded in green are the neighborhoods of Santa Monica Canyon. The Canyon is located within the City of Los Angeles and is bordered by the City of Santa Monica, the Pacific Ocean, Chautauqua Dr./Sunset Blvd and the Rivera Country Club. It includes neighborhoods in Rustic Canyon; lower and upper Rustic Canyon; along Mesa Road and Lower Amalfi Drive; along Adelaide, within BOCA and along Entrada and West Channel.

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